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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Asiria - Dragon Witch

Two very good friends of mine got me into cross stitching earlier this year and after working for a month at a secondary school I spent some of my hard-earned earnings on this particular Heaven and Earth design cross stitch pattern: The Dragon Witch Asisia by Nene Thomas. You can find the artist's official gallery here and the Heaven and Earth webpage here, if interested.

What I like about this particular image is the warm, brown and gold colors of the background and the dragon, and the serene beauty of the witch Asiria in the white and gold gown - although I have to confess that I wouldn't have thought of her as a witch, had I not read the full title of the image on Thomas' website. I'm rather reminded of Daenerys Targaryen from Martin's Song of Ice and Fire -series, especially as depicted by the HBO series, with the gold blond hair and pale skin. The dragons I think were of a darker hue in the filmatization though.

Currently I'm stitching the beginning of the first page, which contains some 8000 stitches - mostly hues of brown - which begins the image from the upper left corner. I cannot see much in my actual stitching yet, but I can sort of make out the first arch in the pattern. The work has a total of 48 pages, with 90 different colours, most of which are browns. But as the background is rather simple, it means stitching huge areas with the same color, so the work is progressing quite nicely. If I stitch about a page in a month, I should get around to framing the work in about four years or so. Somehow I doubt it, but at least the start has been a good one.

Not too visible here, but there are already four different shades of brown floss that I have stitched: coffee brown, beige brown, cocoa brown and black brown. The first two are very close to one another in hue, other one has a bit more red than the other, and they are very difficult to tell apart on the fabric. Cocoa is currently the lightest and black naturally the darkest color. I might sometime during this page get to stitch some other colors than browns as well, like oranges and yellows.

The fabric is 28 count white Lugana and the flosses are DMC six strand, all purchased from 123 Stitch

Oh yeah, and I want a dress like that for my wedding. It's like the third different fantasy wedding dress I want. Maybe I can switch my dress for church, party and after-party?

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