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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Asiria update #1

My cross stitch has not progressed as fast as I'd like, but I guess it can't be helped, with me moving to a different city and all that since I started it. Some progress is visible though, and I will still have a few days of stitching time before I start in my new job for real.

Here's where I'm now, few more colours since last time and the whole of left side of the first page is finished. There are still big areas to be stitched with just one colour, but an arch is also coming up that has lots of different colours inside it. I'll probably need to start stitching those square by square when I get there.

I went and bought some new needles today, as I had misplaced my old ones during the moving. Here's what's happened to my first needle, although I must say a part of it happened because I had to use the same one to repair one of my shoes - because I couldn't find the other ones. Disregard my ugly fingernails.

I'd also like to thank my dog Peppi, who has been of tremendous help in my cross stitching project by not having eaten, drooled or in any other way damaged my fabric or flosses. Yet...

Also, as my friend Heli added me to the HAED Facebook group and I've been seeing other people working on their charts, of course I went to see some new charts, by accident. Here's one I like a lot, maybe I'll get it after the ten years or so it'll take me to finish Asiria.

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