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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Random photographs

As mentioned, I recently purchased a new camera, a Canon EOS 1100D with a 18-55mm objective and image stabilizer. I've been wanting to buy a better camera for a while now, since I've only had a Nikon Coolpix Slim, which, although good for non-frequent use, tends to take a lot of shaky or over-lighted photos. Well, a few nights ago I couldn't find my Nikon, and though I searched everywhere, it didn't turn up. So yesterday I went and bought the new camera, because as you know, the best way to find lost items is to buy a replacement for them. And sure enough, this morning I found the Nikon, which was hiding among my cross stitch flosses. :) So now I'm glad, because not only do I get the pics off the Nikon I had taken with it previously. but I also got to take pictures of both my cameras.

These were taken with the Nikon, of a pocket watch I also quite recently purchased. It's really neat and has the image of the Tower Bridge on the lid. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be a mechanical watch (as far as I can tell) but instead runs on batteries. But as it's very pretty, I think I can live with that until I get the chance to buy a real mechanical watch. (My mom actually has a smaller mechanical one, which doesn't have a lid. I may be able to steal it for myself sometime later. Stay tuned!)

Here's the Canon. Loving it so far. :)

And so that it won't feel bad, pics of my lost and found Nikon as well. Much smaller, as you can see, so it finds a lot better hidey-holes than the Canon probably ever will. I will probably still be using the Nikon on trips and such, where I don't want to carry the extra weight of the Canon, or where there's a danger of breaking stuff. The Nikon I got as a Christmas present from my parents and it's my first digital and my second-ever camera. I used to take a lot of photos at the time I was still using my film-using camera (cannot remember the make or model anymore) but after the cameras got all digitalized I never bothered to get a new one since I could always borrow one from my parents if I needed, and just used my phone to take random pictures. Maybe now I can start photographing a bit more again. At least the blog will get a bit livelier (I hope) with photos actually taken by me and not stolen all over the internet. 

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