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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Light of my life

I don't really do interior decorating much... I don't really see the point of it. I do like moving the furniture around occasionally, but as I like to have stuff like cds and games accessible near the places I'm going to use them in, there are only so many ways you can arrange the various pieces of furniture I own. However, there is one thing I'm a bit nutty about and that is candles. Thus, I own a number of decorations for candles, and as it's late autumn (or early winter if you believe some days when there's already snow) and the light outside is failing, I like to bring some fire hazard into my life by burning candles.

Featured in the above picture are almost all candle decorations I have, alongside my plants and my other tv. I have a few Christmasy decorations I don't really use except during that season and I'm quite sure I missed a couple hiding somewhere in my bookcase... One at least I noticed right after taking these pictures, but nah, as usual I can't be bothered to take more pictures since I've already gotten these ones out of my camera.

The two linked white glass decorations on the foreground here are the "Gemini" by Partylite. Gemini is my star sign and apart from that, this decoration is just amazingly beautiful and serene. Behind it there is one wintery decoration, which doesn't show it really well, since the blue glass inside which has the snowflake pattern isn't really visible from this angle. The snowflakes are cast as shadows, which makes this decoration one of my favourite smaller decorations - it is not Partylite, though. I might have gotten it as a gift from someone, but I can't remember its exact origins anymore.

These are my favourite Partylite decorations. They are called Brilliance in Finnish (Loistavuus) but the only English name I could find for them was Change O Style, which doesn't really convey their magnificence, in my opinion. They are sort of Asian styled with black frames and white glass and detachable magnetic walls, of which there are several different kinds. Here they are with the Halloween -themed walls, as I had them in school for Halloween last week. I have two smaller ones and one big one and I wanted them exactly because I could change them around so much. There is also a wall set sold separately, which adds to the amount of change you can get out of them. And the Asia-ish theme doesn't hurt either, when it's me we're talking about.

The Buddha, along with two of the three elephant decorations I have. My mother originally bought a Buddha for herself and I liked it a lot - so much so, that the next time there was a Partylite evening I got them for myself too. I first bought a set of two elephants and I later received one more as a gift from my brother's wife. The elephants also have different markings on their sides, so they're not just all from the same cast either.

Neither of these two decorations are Partylite. The big one I actually bought for something like 10 euros for myself, as I wanted to have this kind of big decoration, but the ones Partylite has invariably cost something like 80 euros a piece... This one is not very good in that the candle doesn't seem to be getting enough air when it burns lower and the flame starts flickering a lot, which leads to the candle burning unevenly. The smaller red one I seem to remember having been a Christmas present a few years back, maybe from my Grandmother. It is really pretty and casts this red glow around it, but the colour red is only in the bottom and has been scraped away a little during me cleaning the decoration.

These ones are both the other ones from a set of two similar decorations I have. The one of the foreground and its pair I got as a Christmas present from my other brother's family and the lilac lantern I bought just this autumn from a buy three pay for two sale in the local crafts and other stuff -store. I would have only bought one, but I was missing one item from another set of three items, so I got the second lantern for free. The lanterns I mainly use on the balcony, while the other decorations is only for indoor-use.

In this picture then is the prettiest candle decoration I have: the Sakura Sconce. It used to be terribly expensive and I kept drooling after it for a long time - then, as often happens, it's production ended and the remaining storage at Partylite HQ or wherever was sold of with nice discounts. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get one, but my mom luckily went to a Partylite evening and didn't have anything in mind for herself, so she asked me if I wanted / needed anything... It has screws and holders with which it could be attached to a wall, but I rather like it on the top shelf of my bookcase, where it usually sits. My cd cabinet is not really wide enough for it to look pretty here, but for the purposes of this picture it is good enough. I also have other Asia-themed things on or above the top shelf alongside this decoration, such as fans, chopsticks, a manga poster and such and such, so it has friends from "home" to keep it company. 

The round glass swirls are among the first Partylite gifts I got from my mom - I thought she bought them for herself, but no, I got them. They are really pretty and cast wonderful shadows with the wavy pattern the glass has.

Here's another picture of the decorations together - also featured, my PS2 & PS3, and their respective games. Here you can see a few more walls for the Brilliance decorations as well. (I think I'm going to use this name for them in English from now on. It's lovely.) I would still like to have some bigger decorations (I don't know where I'd put them, but I still want them) and also, I'd love to get my hands on these long, reflective decorations Partylite has... The reason I haven't bought them yet is that they are sold as a set of three decorations, which hikes the price up somewhat... Also, my eldest brother's wife has got those - not that it matters since we don't live that close to each other, but still. One more decoration I have and that I don't have a picture of is the Starlight Gemini, which my mom bought me as a birthday present (I think it was) a couple years back. It is lovely blue glass decoration that has the stars of the Gemini star sign on it - also within is a candle that smells rather strongly. I tend to get a migraine from strong smells, so I haven't burned the candle inside yet - plus, as it is very pretty, I don't know if I ever will, even if I could then burn other candles in the decoration once the one inside is gone.

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