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Friday, 13 December 2013

Asiria update #5

It's been a while since the last update, mainly because I've been stitching so slow. But finally at the edge of the confetti, three more columns to stitch on page two! The first column is actually not too confettish at all, it's just that it's stitched with new colours. I just think it's going to be lots of confetti because it shows as lot of different symbols than the ones I've been stitching so far on the chart. :D

I'm currently correcting the last exams for this year and I'm hoping I'll have more stitching time after those. I'd like to get a good solid beginning with the last three columns, so I can finally get to page three! I've been stitching this now since July (very slow progress indeed!) but I've been so busy with the moving to a new town and beginning at a new workplace and having gotten a bit accustomed to the work, dividing my time between work and free time. I often need to correct word tests and such at home, plan lessons a bit, make sure my dog gets enough exercise in between - and then there are all my other hobbies such as videogames, reading, role playing games and boxing, which I took up this autumn.

But the end of a page is always fast to stitch (the end is nigh - attitude) as is the beginning of a page, too,(new page - yay!) so hopefully I'll be able to post more update photographs soon.

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