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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Feeling resolute!

New Year's Resolutions! I don't usually make any, or haven't in the recent years at least. Except maybe for the kind of "be a better person this year" or something such, which I remember at least until the first two weeks of January...

Well, this year, I thought I'd make a more concrete resolutions and record them to this blog too, so that I won't forget all about them. Or even if I do, I can sometime check back to see whatever it was that I up and promised all that time ago... Oh well, here goes:

1. Finish a book every two months. That would make six books for the entire year, and I'll also accept the promise kept, if I manage to read any six books in the span of 2014.

I'm currently reading A Dance With Dragons, which is about halfway through. I've been reading it for the better part of last year, or not-reading-it, as would be more accurate. Towards the end of the year I got some reading spark going again, and I've read a couple hundred pages more since November, which is about the same amount I was able to read in the beginning of 2013. I want to finally finish that book and move on to Ian C. Esslemont's Blood and Bone, which has been sitting in my bookshelf for approximately the same amount of time as I've been not-reading the newest Martin... Those will be the first two books for 2014.

2. Finish a game every two months. That also makes six games for the year and shouldn't be too difficult, as I have several shorter games and a couple that are nearly finished already. The same rules as for the first resolution.

I currently have Valkyria Profiles 2: Silmeria and Persona 3 unfinished on my PS2; Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lego Marvel Superheroes and Ico on PS3; Draw Slasher and Gravity Rush on PsVita and Syberia, Exit Fate and Still Life 2 on my laptop - that's already a lot of games and I have tons more which I haven't even started yet. And a couple I haven't even bought yet, but probably will soon, so the availability of games won't be a problem with this particular resolution.

3. Finish a cross stitch chart page every two months. Same as above, nearing the finish of a page right now, so basically only need to stitch five pages in the coming year to keep this one. I only need to stitch four more pages to get to the next row too, so that's one motivator right there.

4. Start learning Japanese. I've had the books for beginner's Japanese for some months already, but I just haven't managed to open them at all yet. I suppose if they were concrete books and not pdfs I'd remember them more often... Oh well. This one is easy, since it doesn't really define any goals, just that I need to start it. I've been learning a little Japanese earlier, so I can basically introduce myself and ask what is that, or something resembling that at least already. I'd like to start learning the writing too. And travel to Japan someday. Not sure if it'll be this year, but hey, that would at least motivate to keep this promise, right?

I thought about making a resolution about tv-series I'm watching too, but I think maybe these four are already enough. I'm currently watching two anime series; D-Gray Man and Last Exile; previous seasons from Burn Notice and Doctor Who, and I should also get up to date with Castle, which I haven't watched in a long time. And there are others too I'd like to watch, if I only had the time for everything I'd like to do. At least I can watch some of the series at the same time as I cross stitch, but for instance the anime is impossible to watch like that, as I need to concentrate on reading the subtitles to understand anything... Now, if I only learned enough Japanese to understand what they're saying...

Oh, and I forgot completely about my geocaching goals for this year! Last year my goal was to bring the number of my total finds to one hundred and I ended up exceeding it by 25 more. This year I plan to round the figure up to two hundred, which is actually a bit less than my total finds last year. I like to keep my goals small for geocaching though, because it's much nicer to reach and exceed them, than not. I don't know if I'd count this among my resolutions though, but just thought to add it here. :)

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