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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Clocks, watches and timepieces

Clocks and watches are one of my favourite things in the world. It's got something to do with my love of steampunk, but also with my love of being on time, knowing what time it is all the time and looking cool with a nice wrist watch or pocket watch. So, here are my collected clocks and watches and their stories.

The first one is a ring watch, which I got as a Christmas present from my mom several years back when ring watches were a big thing. I wore it regularly then, but stopped using it after a while since the  metal band that goes around your finger is quite bulky, the watch doesn't have numbers and has quite short hands so it's difficult to tell the time with it and as the band is elastic, the skin from my fingers would often get stuck between it, which was pretty painful. It's very beautiful, though, and I still wear it from time to time. The clock face is also shaped like a heart, which is cute. As far as I know it's made of some metal covered with gold.

One of my newest clocks is this beautiful necklace that I got from my late grandmother's things when we were going through some of her jewellery with my mom and my uncle's wife. The chain is quite long and the clock is mechanical and needs to be winded once a day. While the clock face is a bit 'bling' the numbers are Roman, which is always a plus. 

My first pocket watch displays on its casing the Tower Bridge from London. It darker in colour than my other watches, but is sadly battery-operated, so even though astonishingly beautiful, it would earn more points in my books were it mechanical. I love wearing this watch with a vest, so that I can have the chain hanging out and I usually link the other end to one of the vest buttons. It opens by pressing the button on top where you can also change the time. Big numbers mean fast time checking, as it can be understood with a glance.

My second pocket watch is a bit more bling, but it is mechanical and has a pretty golden filigree. The chain has a loopy thing on the end, which goes to the lip of your pocket, while the chain stays outside and the watch is in the pocket. The clock is a see-through, so you can see the gears turning even without opening the lid. This sometimes makes it a bit difficult to tell the time quickly though, as it takes a bit to find in which position the hands are.

My living room is inhabited by this cheerful clock, which cuckoos the time every hour and half hour. I originally bought this as a present for my parents from my trip to Switzerland during my second year in upper secondary school, but it became my clock and has travelled with me since moving away from home. It is winded using the two long chains, each of which has a heavy, metallic pine cone at their ends. Moving the leaf on the ticker makes the clock go faster and slower. Below the clock I usually hang the poster with a Chinese proverb: An inch of time. An inch of gold. An inch of gold cannot buy and inch of time.

This last one is a scam, for it is not a clock at all, but a calendar. I bought it on my trip to London last New Year's, from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. It shows you the dates for the next fifty years. You need to slide the cover so that the current year is above the current month and you receive the dates to the bottom. A handy little device, that is actually pretty useless, but still pretty cool.

Apart from these pictures I also have two wrist watches, an alarm clock, a clock/radio in the kitchen and a small grandfather clock which is actually not mine, but my SO's. As they are all pretty normal (except maybe the small grandfather clock) I didn't include pictures of them.

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