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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Unfinished (knitting) business

This weekend has been all about my unfinished thinga-majics. Some of them I've completed and some of them I'm planning yet to complete. Pics of the progress so far, you're welcome.

The dog's head here was in pieces until this morning. Now it's all together. It first looked like a pig, then a mouse and it took some fierce needling on my account to make it look like a dog. The eyes were buttons at first, but they looked silly, so I took them off and stitched them instead.

The left pair of this pretty thingy was finished today as I made the thumb-hole. The actual thingy was finished yesterday. And with finished, I mean to say that all the threads need to still be hidden, cut and cursed, since that's the part I hate doing the most.

I found this lonely thingy, which is just craving to find someone to spend rest of her life with.

These mittens are a weird match, as the top is done differently in each and the left one is missing a thumb. I like the left one's top more, so I'll probably un-finish the right one and align the tops. Also, thumb-knitting is required.

Here they are all together! Someday I might crochet a body to accompany the dog's head, I'll probably knit the purple mittens to their eventual finish today and I'll try to curse all the threads to disappear. Apart from these things there are still two different kinds of crochet projects, where I need to a) crochet more similar squares / circles and b) make up my mind on what to make with said squares / circles. Not to forget my cross stitch project, which is taking its sweet time currently. 

I would also like to start knitting a sweater again. For that I'd either need to decide on a good colour combination or buy new thread in ample amounts for a sweater... Guess which option I'm currently favouring?

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