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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Unfinished (gaming) business

I recently made a list about all the unfinished and the not-started-yet videogames I have - for self-torture, obviously - and then tonight I thought I could write here about them, too - more self-torture, probably, but we'll see. The thing is, I've had a baby, and I want to finish my cross stitch project some day, and I also like to read and the dogs need to be walked daily and then there's exercise and geocaching and gardening and need to eat at some point, too, and postcrossing and you probably get the picture already. But in any case, a list of games unfinished or not-yet-started. At least I can use this as a reference later, if I even remember all of them.

Let's go through with them by console. I won't list the small games, like platformers and puzzle games.


Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. This one I actually plan to finish one day. Probably when we go to the summer cabin in two weeks or so. It's much fun, but I need more money, so I can unlock everything I want to. So I should probably first unlock some of those Studs x2 specials, or something.

Atelier Ayesha. I really liked this one in the beginning - then it became a bit too sandbox-y for my taste. If I have too much trouble deciding what to do, I might end up not doing anything at all. There are quests, of course, but at least a few of them were a little tricky to understand properly and I think I finished something and didn't even get that much out of it, or something or the other. I'll probably someday continue playing it, as I generally like the mix and match alchemy stuff - Ayesha's character is a bit tiring at times.

Medievil. I really liked Medievil 2 that I had on my Playstation. This is lots similar, but maybe a little more difficult? I got stuck with a level or something, or if not that, I had other things to play. This one may also require a long stay at the summer cottage.

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines. This was fun until a few of my characters died and I only got their kids to play with. Also, I totally failed a quest, so I might need to start again.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories. I played this one a lot at some point, but I suppose I got bored? Maybe? It is pretty repetitive, after all. It's a good game though, at least in the beginning.

Fate / Extra. I don't remember why I stopped playing this. I liked it a lot at some point. And I don't think I was too far from finishing it, either. Could be that I just took a break and never returned to it.

Among the games on Vita that I haven't started yet are: Persona, Valhalla Knights 3, Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Dragon Fin Soup. The last one I also have on my PS3, I'm not sure yet on which one I'll actually play it. There are probably also some I haven't even downloaded from the store yet. (Also, I have the option of playing the other PSOne games on Vita, too.)


Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. In this game, I should level up to be able to proceed. And levelling up in this game - takes - a - long - time. And lots and lots of fighting. I'd only really want to continue with the main story, but alas, it is not to be.

Dark Chronicle. I'm in the first dungeon. I might never get out of it.

I have several "not-started" games for PS2, but those are mainly games I've already played in my teens and would like to play again someday. The two mentioned are the only new ones. (Well, ok, there's still Rogue Galaxy, which is one final boss short of being finished [I presume], but that boss is just unnecessarily long [like most everything about this game] and silly [ditto].)


[cracks knuckles]

Journey. I've bought it only this year and I have started it. I just need more time.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight. The same as before.

Final Fantasy VIII. I should stop collecting stuff and just move on. Just move on. Damn it! Also, moving this to play on Vita might help.

Ico. Uh-um. I do remember starting this game... The most probable reason for not finishing it is getting sidetracked with something else.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War. I got stuck with something or the other, I seem to recall.

Fairy Fencer. This one was soo much fun...until the time-loop occurred and I had to start playing through all - the - same - dungeons - again. Graah!

Okami. I don't know why I stopped this one. Probably got sidetracked, again. Or got stuck, again.

Resonance of Fate. I played this a lot when I first got it and even returned to it after doing something else for a while and was able to continue nicely... until I started dying all the time and it became apparent that I should spend some time levelling up. And while this is no Silmeria, here, too, levelling up takes a long time. Especially if you need to make sure everyone is nice and pretty every time you start playing and use up half the time just dressing up.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. This one was a bit more boring than I thought - just your basic hack and slash and while the story seemed intriguing, it felt like it had just been slapped over all the hacking and slashing and some acrobatics every now and then. I am at the final boss though, but I keep falling off - after a few times it just wasn't fun anymore.

Tales of Xillia 2. I - got - bored. There's just too much pointless fighting and narrow corridors where you can't avoid fighting, or at least I couldn't. And you need to keep on collecting money, too. Maybe I'll get back to it some day.

There are probably more, but I need to check my console to remember them all. As well as all those I haven't started yet - just peeped at the store for fun and to see what is on my download list... It's a long one. It's annoying that sometimes you can't tell if the game is a full game or just a demo there, though.

Will edit this later.

[Continuing on]

Skyrim. I'm not sure how it's possible I forgot this one. I got it as a present many years ago, but didn't really play it before January this year (I did try it out a little before, but only a little, like until lvl 13 or so). The reason is that I would have really liked to play it on a PC - but as it became apparent as the years went by that it isn't really plausible for me to get another machine to not play games on (because I don't have the time), I decided to learn to play it on the console, anyway. And it did progress better, especially after I decreased the  sensitivity of the controls and using a bow became so much easier. After my baby was born, I have played Skyrim maybe... twice? And one of those times was just clearing my inventory, too, because I had left it at a point when I was travelling to a store that I could sell all my loot to.

And the rest of the games on my PS3 are all ones I haven't started yet. And the list is looong. There's Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, Rune Factory Oceans, The Mass Effect -trilogy, Tears to Tiara II : Heirs of the Overlord, Lightning Returns, Shadow of the Colossus (which I kind of started at a friend's place once, but haven't started yet on my own console), Dark Mist and Final Fantasy IX (which I nowadays also have on Vita, so I might play it on it) and these are just the ones I either have on a disc or have actually downloaded from the store. In the store I have stuff like Tales of Zestiria, Thief and a bunch of games I'm not sure of if they are demos, Playstation Plus freebies or actual purchased games... The download list in the PS Store is annoying.


And naturally there are Steam games, too.

Chantelise. This one I started. I definitely remember having started it. Should maybe continue it someday.

Chronology. This one I've almost finished. Should maybe continue it one day?

Dust: An Elysian Tail. This one is sooo much fun! I played it at first on another friend's Xbox360, and then got it for myself later when it appeared on Steam. I have even tried it out and noticed that it doesn't work well on my laptop, but is of good enough quality on my hubby's PC. I just don't ever remember that I have games on that computer, too.

Mini Ninjas. Same as above.

The Witcher. I did research this one before buying it, because I thought it might not work so well... It's on my hubby's PC, as the two above, but I still had to lower the graphics a lot to stop it twitching. While it's ok, I played it until I got into a village or something and had lots of options of what to start doing next... and I sort of never returned to explore all those options. Maybe one day...

The main titles on Steam that I haven't even started yet include Autumn (because it won't work! damn it!), Cubicle Quest, Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, Skyborn and Walking Dead (which I did try out, but wasn't too keen on). I also have several puzzle and/or adventure games here, mainly from a gift bundle I got from yet another friend - which actually resulted me getting Steam in the first place, because it felt silly not activating it since I got games as a gift.... I was against getting Steam before that, because I had a list very similar to this one at that time, too.

And now that I listed the Steam games I suddenly remembered that I have games, too. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten my password to that website, though, and I'm not going to start requesting a new one for the sake of this post. So there.

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