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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Lonely fire

Looking up at the sliver of a moon, Ella realized she had been travelling with Autumn for two weeks now. They had crossed the wastelands and entered the more civilised corners of the world, but Autumn skirted around the cities and villages for the most part and they continued living off the wilds. Thankfully the weather had stayed calm and the pair had met no great obstacles on their path; their going had been swift, but lonesome.
Autumn came back to the fire, having gathered some herbs again - the taste and smell of the tea she brewed differed each evening depending on the plants she could find. The gash on her thigh had sealed and she no longer had to treat it with the boiling water; an exercise Ella did not miss having to witness on nightly basis. Ella watched in silence as the water in the small kettle came to boil and the herbs were added in. This night it had a sweet, flowery fragrance. Ella sighed and turned to gaze at the darkness enveloping their small fire.
- Something on your mind? 
The sudden question made Ella jump. Autumn smiled.
- No need to be on edge. As far as the surroundings are concerned, we're safer than most previous nights. There is little light for anything to move tonight, she added, glancing up at the waning moon.
Ella lifted her eyes upwards as well and noticed many a star having started to glow since the last she looked to the sky. She sighed again and returned her gaze to her companion.
- It's just been a while since we've seen other people. I'm starting to think I'll be afraid of them the next time I see anyone. She shrugged her cape tighter around herself and continued: I don't understand why we need to keep camping out like this when there are villages with inns...
- I find it best to avoid people as much as possible, Autumn said levelly. She took the kettle by the lip and poured its contents on a small wooden mug she passed to Ella. She accepted it with a nod.
- I can see why it could be a problem, but surely you could cover your legs and travel like a normal person? I mean, it's not likely that you'll go berserk just by being around people, right? Before Autumn had a chance to reply, Ella continued on her train of thought: Or wait, is it because your mission is supposed to be a secret and you don't want to leave a trail of people, who remember you passing this way or that? Oh, I see! Well, I suppose that is problematic. But you could maybe disguise yourself and...
Autumn burst laughing at her last words and Ella blushed and closed her mouth. Inwardly, she told herself off for babbling away again.

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